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Clenbuterol Buy Sale with PayPal

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Clenbuterol Buy Sale with PayPal


There have been many questions on the web on how to buy clenbuterol with PayPal. So far, i have not seen or heard anyone offering PayPal payments for clenbuterol orders. There might be some online shops that offer PayPal payments, but you need to be aware of the following:
1. Make sure the merchant knows that PayPal is aware of what they sell.
2. If the merchant is selling the clenbuterol discreetly, and showing other type of product on the receipt, this might cancel the transaction.
3. Be aware of international fees. Sometimes PayPal may charge you more for international transactions. Always select that the fees are paid by the merchant, not you.
In general, you are always protected about your money. However, if the transaction is not set properly from the selling party, the clenbuterol order might be delayed or never delivered, without even you know about it. Most likely you will get refunded, but you may not be able to start your cycle, if you have planned if for a long time.
Please share any experience with PayPal orders for clen on the web.

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