How to Lose Stomach Fat Without Exercise or Dieting

How to Lose Stomach Fat Without Exercise or Dieting

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1 Try tummy-control garments.

There have never been more options in the undergarment industry for clothing that tighten, firm, and shape the midsection. Made mainstream by Spanx, tummy-control garments are available in many types for people of most sizes.

Women’s undergarments include tummy-control pantyhose, panties, high-waisted shorts, body suits, camisoles, and tank tops made of Lycra, elastic, or some combination. Most mainstream undergarment brands for women carry control top styles, but the most popular include Spanx, Soma, and TC Shaping. Buy your normal size and expect it to run small.
There are many options for men, including Spanx or Sculptees brand tank tops for men that target the abdominals. These are essentially compression shirts that whittle the appearance of the midsection. While results will vary, these companies claim their products can reduce the midsection by 3 – 5 inches (7.6 – 12.7 cm).


2 Take advantage of current trends in corseting and waist training.

This method involves wearing a binding garment across the abdomen. If done in moderation, corseting can create a thinner silhouette without any other lifestyle changes.

Some celebrities swear by corseting as a weight loss mechanism, and although doctors say it won’t actually help you lose fat cells, it can help you lose weight by cinching in your stomach as you eat so that you don’t have as much room to overeat.[3] In addition, the fat cell can expand or shrink, according to how much fat it is storing.
Be careful about wearing these too tight or too frequently. Because they can reduce your stomach capacity, you might vomit after eating even a normal sized meal. They can also contribute to heartburn and compress your organs.[4]
Purchase your corset at a store with a knowledgeable sales staff, who can help you fit it correctly and learn to lace it appropriately so that it is not too tight.

3 Combine with T3 Cytomel

4 Consider a body wrap.

Body wraps are spa treatments that claim to detoxify and slim the midsection. With training, these can also be done at home. While the process can vary, most involve several steps and the application of several types of body products.

The aesthetician will start by massaging and applying a body scrub to your midsection, which will then be rinsed in a shower. The body scrub will contain a variety of herbs and minerals thought to cleanse the skin of impurities and reduce the appearance of fat or cellulite.
The body will then be rubbed with a lotion or oil containing other emollients and properties.
Next, the midsection will be securely wrapped in linen, plastic, or thermal sheets, and then an electric heated blanket will be used to warm the body for about 30 minutes, which will cause sweating. This step in particular is thought to remove impurities and reduce the appearance of fat.
After removing the blanket and wraps, the midsection will be massaged again to increase blood flow.
While this process is not supported for weight loss, many clients feel that it reduces the appearance of stomach fat and cellulite, especially with repeated treatments. Due to the sweating process (and loss of water weight), it is not uncommon for clients to experience a loss of a couple of inches, although this will be temporary.


5 Avoid swallowing air.

This might seem like a strange suggestion, but swallowed air is one of the biggest causes of bloating, which contributes to a rounder midsection. Simply reducing the amount of air you swallow throughout the day can trim down your tummy measurements.

Avoid carbonated beverages, even those with zero calories like carbonated water. Beverages with air in them fill your abdomen with air, which causes a bloated appearance.
Avoid smoking. Smokers who inhale smoke also tend to swallow it, which bloats their stomachs.
Avoid chewing gum and talking while eating. Both of these habits lead to swallowed air.

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